Semi-automatic cappers


The semi-automatic capper MOD. SA/CX (about 400 b/h throughput) is conceived for crown cap closures, with diameters of 26 or 29 mm. The machine is manufactured in compliance with the regulations in force and it’s suitable to process cylindrical glass bottles with a diameter from 55 to 115 mm and maximum height of 370 mm. The height adjustment is manual and enables to work different shapes of bottle.
The crown caps are fed manually, filling the appropriate chute, while the bottle lift piston is operated through a pneumatic system.



The semi-automatic capper MOD. SA/VX, conceived for the application of aluminium screw caps on glass bottles, is manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, steel alloys and food-graded plastic materials: these characteristics make the cleaning operations and the maintenance easier for the customer, ensuring a long life to the machine. The bottle, previously fed in the machine, is located on a specific support. The working cycle starts with a two-hand control and once completed the machine stops automatically, so that none of its components keeps on moving. The machine is equipped with a 4 roller nocap/noroll capping head in stainless steel and the adjustment for the format change is rapid and simple.



The semi-automatic corker MOD. SA/SR/X, conceived for the application of wine corks, is suitable for small and medium wine productions. It is manufactured using the same materials and attention paid for the automatic machines. The closing system which clasps the cork before inserting it in the bottle has 4 jaws made of tempered stainless steel, ground at centesimal tolerance and it is easily demountable for the cleaning and sterilizing operations. The corks are fed through a rotary mixer. The machine sets automatically once the bottle is positioned on the plate and it stops at the end of each cycle. The safety and control devices require a power supply of 24 V.